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  • English circa 1815- 1875


    Own a little piece of the 19th century!


    A beautiful early brass chamberstick with finger loop and deep, rectangular pan. This chamberstick retains the push-up mechanism to eject the candle stubs and is in working order.


    The brass finish is bright when polished but I have left it how I like it, slightly mellowed with age. 


    This chamberstick is in excellent antique condition, hand-picked by me to a standard I would gladly display in my own home. Given its age, any small nicks, dents or pitting are not considered defects, just evidence of a life well lived. 


    Any patina or signs of age are documented in the photos for your reference. If you have any specific questions before purchasing please contact


    Stick Height:  4  3/4"

    Pan Width:   7" X  5  7/8"

    Pan Height:  1"


    Thank you!


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